Best Gifts for Employees Working From Home

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): As we discussed in our last blog, one marketing strategy has proven to have true staying power for every company regardless of size or industry: employee gifting.

With many employees working from home for the first time in their careers, and with the stress of everything that’s happening in the world on top of it, managers are rightfully concerned with both company morale and employee motivation. Choosing to send the “lifeblood” of your company a thoughtful gift can ease these both of these concerns. A true two-for-one.

Plus, your gift will be even more impactful due to the current climate. Most people are well aware that businesses are struggling to make ends meet worldwide, and so a useful gift in this moment will prove you’re truly invested in them and appreciate their continued hard work.

With all this in mind, SOBO went ahead and created a list of customizable products that are perfect for those employees stuck working from home. Keep reading below and check out our Favorite Five, or click here for the full presentation.

Top 5 Gifts for Your Employees Working From Home

Fully Sublimated Lumbar Pillow

We’re all sitting at home for upwards of ten hours per day now. If you are looking for a promo perfect for improving the comfort and long term health of your employees, these lumbar pillows are your choice. They’ll help support your lower back and improve your posture all while promoting your brand. Talk about functional!

Phone LED Light

Many people are struggling with the lighting in their home during FaceTime or Zoom meetings through out their day. This Phone LED Light allows you to create the perfect look even in low light! Simply attach the LED light to your phone and you’re ready for your closeup. Trust us – your employees will be thankful for this attachment.

Power Bank & Wireless Mouse Gift Set

If you’re looking to improve employee productivity – look no further. With this kit, you’ll no longer have to waste time searching for a charger or struggle to move your computer’s pointer back and forth between screens. The gift set includes a faux leather zippered case to ensure the items are never lost while also improving the presentation (remember: perception is everything), and the 5,000mAh power bank paired with a foldable wireless mouse makes for a perfect tech gift set.

Power Bank, Multi-Port Wall Adaptor, & Multi-Cable Charger

Again, presentation is everything and this gift set’s customizable packaging ensures this gift will look SHARP when it arrives in your employee’s hands. Includes a 5,000 mAh power bank, a multi-port wall adaptor, and charger cables that are capable of plugging into nearly every device in your home. Impress your employees with this sleek gift set.

Portable Speaker & Air Charger Station

This beautiful gift is named the “Aircharge Beethoven” and is sure to make any employee happy while they work. The portable bluetooth speaker stands perfectly in it’s station or can be used on-the-go during your next walk, and also includes USB output; plus, the wireless charging station offers a great branding opportunity and is the perfect addition for everybody’s work-from-home set up. Add in a fully customizable retail gift box and this employee gift is guaranteed to send all of the right messages to your workforce.

Keep in mind: when you choose a cool employee gift, and customize it with your company’s message or core values, you’re sure to leave an impact that’s ultimately much more valuable than the cost of the order. So, are you ready to get started?

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