Gifting/Bose Frames (Audio Sunglasses)

Bose Frames (Audio Sunglasses)

Meet Bose Frames, the first audio sunglasses from Bose!

Miniaturized Bose electronics produce rich, immersive sound for you, while others hear practically nothing. It’s a revolutionary personal audio experience hidden inside two classic designs, each enriched with premium accents and materials. Play music. Take calls. And block up to 99% of UVA/UVB rays. (Frame Width – 148mm, Bridge Width – 18mm, Lens Width – 52mm, Temple Arm Length – 162mm)

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Quantity Price
1 $199


CPN Number 553706180
Color Black
Size 5.81" x 2.00" x 2.00"
Frame Width 148mm
Bridge Width 18mm
Lens Width 52mm
Temple Arm Length 162mm

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